Rooy Media

Rooy Media LLC

Creator of television, videotapes and other media products that engage and educate people about important human issues.

Provider of production services for socially responsible companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Media Products

Rooy Media has created more than fifty film and video programs, including:

To Our Credit
A two-part documentary series for PBS that profiles microcredit and microenterprise development, exciting new strategies to combat poverty around the world and in the United States.

Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture
A six-part educational videotape series that profiles the impressive strides many farmers have made in lowering the use of chemicals, and creating healthier food, a safer environment, and greater profits.

Download PDF summary of documentary and educational film and video programs.

Production Services

Rooy Media provides a variety of high-caliber film and video production services, including those of Robert Rooy, producer and director of all Rooy Media programs and assistant director on more than forty Hollywood productions.

Download PDF version of D.G.A. assistant director resume.


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