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Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture

A six-part videotape series that profiles the methods many farmers have developed to lower, and even eliminate, the use of insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Many farmers feel that in today's rural economy they can't make a living without chemicals. Yet somehow the farmers in these videos have found innovative alternatives to pesticides. And, surprisingly, many have found a new economic lease on life in the process.

Made with the help of nearly 200 farmers and other experts in a twelve-state area in the eastern region of the United States, this series provides a comprehensive overview of sustainable agriculture for everyone concerned with the environment, food quality, and the future of the American farmer.

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Comments and Reviews

Field Crops

These farmers demonstrate how they provide soil fertility, weed control and pest management on large-scale farms with little or no chemical use.

"...a good, thought-provoking video..."
Joe Mahar
Independent Crop Management Agent

Rotational Grazing

Intensive grazing systems make efficient, inexpensive use of pasture and offer dairy, beef and sheep farmers a way to lower costs and reduce chemical use.

"...certain to provoke interesting discussions..."
Alan Nation
Stockman Grass Farmer


The growers in this video have responded to the increasing demand by consumers for safe, high quality food. Many grow vegetables organically.

"...a chance to see exemplary practices..."
Eric Sideman
Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Maine

High-Value Marketing

Farmers demonstrate ways they have increased the value of what they sell, to remain competitive in a high-volume agricultural economy.

"...an exceptional introduction..."
Robert Meyer
Rural Development Center, Wisconsin

IPM for Vegetables and Small Fruits

For many growers, the first step toward lower pesticide use is the practice of Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.), in which chemicals are used only as a last resort.

"...a first class primer..."
August Schumacher
Former Commissioner of Agriculture, Massachusetts

IPM for Apples

Faced with consumer pressure, narrow profit margins and a shrinking arsenal of pesticides, these apple growers have turned to a variety of I.P.M. practices.

"...a crucial stepping stone..."
Nicholas Cowles
Apple Grower, Vermont

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Comments and Reviews

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