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Rooy Media LLC has produced a number of other programs of various kinds for
a range of clients. The work has taken many forms - from multi-camera productions of live performances, to public service announcements for
non-profits, to travel films for a ship company.

The Christian Reformed Church was formed by Dutch American immigrants in the mid-19th century. It adheres to the basic tenets of the Protestant Reformation, with a strong emphasis on education and social service.

Our Family Album was originally a book written by James C. Schaap, celebrating the rich, though turbulent, history of the Church. It was then adapted as an engaging, thought provoking stage play. Rooy Media created a multi-camera videotape version of its performance, for distribution throughout the denomination.


St. Anthony’s Medical Center, a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, was founded by the Franciscan Order of the Roman Catholic Church. As such, its mission is to serve the community at large, especially the poor.

St. Anthony’s is a series of public service announcements for the hospital. It was designed to counteract an increasing loss of full-paying customers as the neighborhood around St. Anthony’s became predominantly low-income. It uses words and images of hospital staff members to underscore the hospital’s technical excellence and deep commitment to the patient’s care.

World Neighbors is an international development organization that works with some of the most remote and marginalized communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It supports the transformation of these communities by helping people address hunger, poverty, disease and other challenges that undermine their livelihoods.

World Neighbors does not give away food or material aid. Rather, it combines training with locally available resources and simple, low-cost technologies to help people develop, manage and sustain their own programs.

Transformations is an educational documentary for World Neighbors about farmers struggling to make a living on a mountainside in Nepal. They have worked together to win a series of victories over erosion with the help of a fast-growing variety of the Lucaena tree.

Prudential Lines, no longer in service, was a shipping company owned and operated by Spyros P. Skouras, formerly head of Twentieth Century Fox Studios, and by his son, Spyros S. Skouras. Its extensive fleet of passenger and cargo ships connected North America, South America and the Mediterranean.

Circle of Dreams is a series of thirteen promotional films for Prudential Lines, featuring a fleet of four passenger-and-freight vessels – the Santa Maria, the Santa Mercedes, the Santa Mariana and the Santa Magdalena – that sailed in a continual loop around South America and up the west coast of the United States.

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