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Welcome to Rooy Media's online reel. Here, you can view short sample clips from many of our programs. Just click and enjoy!

To Our Credit: The PBS Series

Part One: Bootstrap Banking and the World. Profiles global microcredit with stories from Bangladesh, South Africa, Bolivia and India.

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Part Two: Bootstrap Banking in America. Explores microenterprise
development at work in New England, Arkansas, South Dakota and Chicago.

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Faces of Microcredit. A companion program comprised of several brief portraits
of microborrowers from Bangladesh, South Africa, Bolivia, India and the United States.

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Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture

Rotational Grazing. Intensive grazing systems make efficient, inexpensive use of pasture and offer dairy, beef and sheep farmers a way to lower costs and reduce chemical use.

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Vegetables. The growers in this video have responded to the increasing demand by consumers for safe, high quality food. Many grow vegetables organically.

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The Social Entrepreneurship Series

Series Introduction. “Social entrepreneurs” worldwide are finding innovative
ways to solve critical local problems and then expand these solutions to reach
people regionally and even globally.

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Muhammad Yunus. The founder of Grameen Bank and winner of the 2006
Nobel Peace Prize describes how financially viable companies can be placed at
the service of the very poor.

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Oded Grajew. The creator of the Ethos Institute and the World Social Forum tracks the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility in Brazil and worldwide – and analyzes its critical role.

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More Microfinance

Going the Distance. Profiles the work of Fonkoze, which provides more than 100,000 low-income people with financial and social services as part of an overall mission to defeat poverty in Haiti.

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Boldness and Commitment. Celebrates the Microcredit Summit Campaign’s achievement in reaching 100 million poor families with microfinance, as it launches even more ambitious goals.

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Breaking Through. Demonstrates how Grameen Foundation effectively fights global poverty by combining microfinance, technology, and other innovative solutions.

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Celebration! Music of Microcredit. A joyous montage of hard work and song, as micro-entrepreneurs pursue their enterprises to the music of their own communities.

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Building Better Lives. Profiles two Bolivian microfinance organizations, CRECER and Pro Mujer, which combine microfinance and critical adult education in two very different, innovative ways.

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The Cashpor House Index. Demonstrates how Cashpor India, a microfinance organization, assesses the size and structure of a family’s house to identify the poorest members of a community.

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Other Programs

The Christian Reformed Church. A multi-camera version of a funny and poignant play that traces the rich, turbulent history of a Dutch immigrant
church as it becomes American along with its members.

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St. Anthony’s Medical Center. A series of public service announcements in support of a Franciscan hospital in Columbus, Ohio as it fights to survive in a disadvantaged community.

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