A Two-Part Series for PBS on microcredit and microenterprise development

TO OUR CREDIT explores an exciting new strategy to combat poverty: microcredit,  known in America as microenterprise development. It is the practice of extending small loans and other support to low-income people to help them create their own employment.

Microcredit is a dramatic departure from traditional charity or welfare programs: money is loaned, not given; repayment is required; interest is charged. In a world where capital is king, the effect can be remarkable.

Part One: Bootstrap Banking and the World profiles microcredit with stories from Bangladesh, South Africa, Bolivia and India. Within the past decade, 15 million people have received microloans.

Part Two: Bootstrap Banking in America profiles microenterprise development in New England, Arkansas, South Dakota and Chicago. 300 U.S. organizations now provide loans and training to microbusinesses.

To Our Credit is produced by Rooy Media LLC. This company creates videotapes and other materials to promote understanding of the relationship between access to credit and equal opportunity

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